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Welcome to Disappearing Inc.
Laser Tattoo Removal In Maitland

We Have Moved To Maitland:

Disappearing Inc clinic has recently moved our clinic to:
Unit 14a, Level 2, Maitland Private Hospital Medical Centre
2, 173 Chisholm Rd, Ashtonfield NSW 2323

laser tattoo removal singleton upper hunter nsw
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About Us

Dr Eugene Hollenbach (MBBS, FRANZCO, MAAFPS) is a Specialist Ophthalmic Surgeon with twenty years of experience in facial reconstructive techniques and laser skin treatments such as tattoo removal.

What We Offer

We can effectively remove single and multi colour tattoos. 

We use extremely short nanosecond bursts of light energy that penetrate the skin, targeting the tattoo ink pigment, leaving the surrounding skin untouched. 

The laser passes beneath the epidermis (outer layer of skin) into the dermis, where the ink  molecules are shattered into small pieces. 

Your body then naturally absorbs and removes the broken down pigment particles.

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Our Pain Free Advantage

Dr Hollenbach offers Maitland & Upper Hunter locals a safe, reliable and highly experienced option for Tattoo Removal.

Make no mistake, tattoo removal is not pain-free.


However, unlike other skin clinics & medical spas run by nurses, aestheticians and ‘laser specialists’, all tattoo removal treatments at Disappearing Inc. are performed or supervised by a specialist doctor. 

Our advantage here is that the supervising doctor can administer appropriate pain management solutions to ensure a relatively painless experience.

Pain Free Advantage

What to expect:

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All tattoos are not created equally. Firstly, you’ll come for a consultation with Dr Hollenbach. In this consultation the doctor will thoroughly examine your tattoo and answer any and all questions you may have regarding the laser treatment. 


He will likely be able to estimate the number of sessions required for effective removal. Additionally a small ‘test’ may be carried out to see how your skin reacts to the laser treatment.

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Depending on the size of the tattoo and at the doctor’s discretion, a topical numbing cream will likely be applied for comfort during the treatment. 

The tattoo removal laser will be slowly passed over your tattoo. This procedure can take a matter of minutes for smaller tattoos, where as larger tattoos will take longer. 

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Post Treatment

An ointment and dressing are applied to the tattoo area to assist healing. It is likely that you will experience some discomfort for days following the procedure. 

Many patients liken this feeling to sunburn. Slight blistering, redness and mild swelling are also common, but will fade within subsequent weeks.

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Treatment Cost

Treatment costs vary depending on the size, age and colour density of the tattoo. Disappearing Inc offers laser tattoo removal treatments from $300 per session.

We will give you an estimated number of sessions in which your tattoo can be safely removed, along with an overall cost estimation.

How to prep for your treatment:

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Ice the tattoo area.

Apply ice to the tattoo for 30 minutes prior to each laser tattoo removal treatment.

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Avoid sun exposure, use sunscreen & cover up.

For four weeks prior to your first laser tattoo removal session, we suggest minimising sun exposure. Tanned skin looks great, but it is more prone to adverse reactions.

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Wear loose fitting clothing over the area to be treated.

This will increase comfort during and directly after the treatment.

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Eat a full meal or snack before your appointment.

Patients occasionally report feelings of light-headedness because they come in with an empty stomach. Please make sure to also have plenty of fluids prior to treatment.

icon prep clean skin.png
Make sure the area to be treated is clean.

You should also ensure the area is free of lotions, perfumes, and cosmetics.

icon prep medicine.png
Avoid taking aspirin & ibuprofen.

They may cause you to bruise after your treatment.

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